almost 1 week in!

I have been doing Insanity for almost a week.  The first day the workout was just how they said it would be, a lot of moving and working out fast and then a quick break and then over again.  After the first workout was over I was one big sweat ball!  I have never worked up that much of a sweat before in any other workouts.  But to my surprise I was not sore or even really all that tired.  Yes I did the whole workout but missed a few moves here and there being it was the first time I watched it, so had to learn the moves.  The next morning, we was a little different.

Morning of day 2, I could barley walk!  everything from my hips down hurt by just looking at them.  At first I thought “oh man this sucks!”  but then I began to think that this is what I wanted, in a way, if I am sore after this workout and I have never been with any other workout, then I must have done something right.  Day 2 workout was lets just say difficult, looking back I think I could have pushed a little more but at the time all you can think about is the soreness.

Day 3 went a little different, well a lot different.  I was a little sore, NOTHING like day 2, but just did a little longer stretching and once I was done with the warm up I was much better and good to go!  The rest of the week I have not been sore and the workouts have been going good.  I definitely work up a sweat with each workout and I am beginning to really like the workout fast, quick break, repeat thing…you push yourself a little more to try and get more in then you would with a “normal” workout.

I have found a few thing out about myself in doing these workouts…I found out I cant jump, or maybe jumping is a skill I will learn in this too.  And I have bad wrists.  Well that I always knew but with the few things in this that you go down on your hands, it REALLY kills my wrists.  So I do as much of those as I can to build them up.

All week I have also been eating as “clean” as possible.  I have 2 weeks til I go to Mexico and have to try everything until that day.  First weigh and measure after starting Insanity is in 2 days!


It is here!!

My wait has come to an end….Insanity is here!  I was SUPER excited when it was on my door step and as I opened it I got a little scared.  Like anything, new is scary.  I have been doing great with my eating, but I am going to wait to remeasure and weigh myself until Monday when I start.  Oh and take new pictures too.  Want to see the difference!  Even tho Turbo fire is super fun to do and will prob do the trick for me, I am not one to wait, if I can get skinnier now, I want it NOW!  LOL  I know that it will take A LOT of work, sweat, soreness, and tiredness but it WILL be worth it in the end!

I have opened a group on Facebook for ANYONE doing ANY workout, not just Beach body ones.  To come and have the support and ideas and “hand holding” that we all need from time to time when trying to accomplish our weight loss goals.  If interested in joining, look me up and friend me on FB, let me know you want to join and I will get you in!!  (search for Trisha Stilson, Cambridge MN)

Day 5 and 6

I am doing it!  My first weigh in, I lost 1 lb and 3 inches.  Wishing it was more….well always wish it was more but it is a start.  Better than it was a week a go.  I lost 1 in off waist, 1 in hips and .5 in each thigh.  At least it is in all the spots that I want to lose it  🙂  Still waiting for my Insanity to get here, I am thinking that will really help move the numbers along.

I also found out that I have Bronchitis, not letting this stop me from working out at all!!  I have noticed that the last few times working out that I am sweating more than I did, must be that I am going deeper in the moves or faster or something good.  Let the sweat run! LOL

I am also starting school today, online classes.  So now I get to finally have something going on for my day to have a “schedule”  Get up workout, take care of kids, do school, kids, school, oh and eat in there, and try to workout again!  OK so TRY and make it a schedule, kids sure know how to mix things us!

3rd and 4th Days

Still going strong!  A couple of times this is about the point where I miss a day here or there, but not going to happen this time!  Day 3 I did my workout in the afternoon instead of the morning and noticed I just didn’t like that, I like the way I feel when I get up in the AM and do it when the kids are eating (then I get the living room to myself).  I did do my first OOPS on the night of day 3….Do you have ANY idea how HARD it is to sit at the table eating a bowl of oranges and avocados while everyone else is eating spaghetti and garlic toast??  Oh wow, it smelled sooooo good!  I got all the way up til after I put the kids to bed and I went to get my “last snack”.  Opened the fridge and the noodles were staring at me….See me and noodles have a love/hate relationship.  I LOVE them to much to hate them, lol.  So what were a few cold noodles going to hurt, ok so I prob had like MAYBE 15 noodles, enough to get my taste.  I went to bed awhile later and had SUCH a bellyache from it!!  So I guess no more of that for a while.  That’s ok, I don’t NEED it anyway, right?  I did way better today with my eating and my workout, getting used to the “routine” of the video and can do more of it.  I have noticed that I don’t drink all that much or not enough I guess, so I am going to focus on the water intake also.  WOW there is a lot to think about when trying to get healthy isn’t there!

Days 1 & 2

Here is a little about me before starting day 1:  I get up with the kids and most of the time I didn’t eat breakfast …. I have heard that is bad but I was never hungry so it was hard to eat when my body didn’t say “feed me”.  So I would eat a late lunch, normally something small and then dinner with my husband and 2 boys.  I have 1 pop a day (that IS it) I am aiming on loosing about 50-60 lbs.

Well like anything, change is hard.  Going from eating anything and everything when every I was hungry to eating healthy food 5-6 times a day!  Surprisingly that don’t bother me much, the only thing that is hard is when my whole family and I sit down to dinner and they have yummy looking and of course better smelling food then I do.  But I WILL continue to stay strong and do this!

I have also been doing my workouts everyday, I am currently doing Turbo Fire as I am waiting on my Insanity to get here.  Had to get started being I have LESS then a month to my dead line!!  I KNOW I will not hit my GOAL weight by then but I will take anything right now.  But I am aiming to hit my goal by New Years.  That will be REALLY hard with 4 Thanksgivings and like 6 Christmases in there!  Even if I don’t hit it I am going to keep working at it and NOT fall off the wagon this time, I am in it to win it!!

My count down

I have put a count down on my self, as I should have done it a few months ago at least I am doing it now.  In ONE month from tomorrow I will be in a wedding, in Cancun!  As exciting as it sounds (and will be)  I really wanted to lose some lbs before going.  So I have decided this time I need to stay on this wagon!  (Hopping it will last even after the wedding)  Today was workout 1 (again) and I WILL be doing it every day.  Have you ever went some where nice and you didn’t want to be the “fat” chick/guy there?  Well that is the shoes I am filling right now.  I still have to get my dress altered so I really have less than a month……so now is the time to start talking myself into doing this everyday.  Anyone have any inspiring words of wisdom for me?

Challenge starting soon!

And the winner is…

I have gotten a few posts, emails, and Facebook comments and they all point to…..Insanity!  I do have to agree that this is the way to go to lose more pounds and I also don’t have to purchase  many other items, I can use what I got….my weight.   Have to admit I am a little on the scared side to start this….anyone want to do it with me??

Help me choose!

Hey everyone, I have been doing bbl for a couple of months now and i am listening to my body and it is telling me that i need to switch it up a bit and get some more muscle confusion. I have seen great results with bbl, but now i am looking to step it up!! I am going back and forth between p90x and insanity. I have added some videos that kind of get you the feel for each program. Insanity is a few weeks shorter, but much more intense. I am looking to lose about 40 lbs and tone it all up at the same time. You know how sometimes you think you KNOW the answer but need some outside opinions to help you feel more confident? Yeah, that’s where I stand right now. Are you willing to help me out with this? My main goal is to be able to ask for NEW, SMALLER clothes for christmas 😉wink please help me out by posting your opinion in the comments section below!

Insanity Video