Now that I have  been on the thyroid drops for a couple weeks I am wondering if things are “fixed”  enough for me to lose weight.  I am not going to lie I am scared. Scared about doing all this and being let down AGAIN, scared that I will be stuck with this weight forever or unless I want to “go under the knife” and then have other things to worry about.

So now I have decided that I am going to give the 3rd huge time a try I lightly stepped on the scale to see what the “starting” number is….well 10 more lbs to work off now, super. As if that made my day awesome, not!  Well if you look at it another way, if I am gaining, does that mean I can now lose? Guess that is the Million dollar question.  I looked up my old info online and I am now 5 lbs over my biggest weigh in while being pregnant! OH FUDGE KNUCKLE!!  NOT cool!  This better work this time or maybe it is back to the specialist and re-get all 5 of those pills, and see if that will work.  Please work.



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