I have been taking 2 different drops, one for my thyroid and one for well, to take care of what my anti-depressant was doing.  About 2 weeks into the drops I was getting SUPER tired again, after messing around with the amount of drops, we decided to take a few days off.  Not sure why but my body liked that. Like it needs a “into” to what is to come.  So went back on them and now I am not tired like before, I don’t have a TON of energy but I feel like I can make it thru the day just fine and not be going to bed at 8.  The one for my anti depressant is not doing very well, well I don’t think so yet….but hey that is fine, I want to lose the weight, then maybe that will clear it self up.  Now that I am feeling like I have better energy I am going to try working out again.  I finally weighed my self after like a month of not. (if I cant do anything about the weight why know what it is)  and I am now at my heaviest.  I believe this is the TOP weight I was at when I was pregnant with my kids.  So now I feel like a SUPER CHUNK! Called up my workout buddy and think he is ready to start with me again.  I am SO hoping that this time, it will work.

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