Starting off with the drops was well a bit weird, first like 2 weeks I was suppose to put 3 drops on my wrist every morning…it was to help introduce it to my body…well I was not noticing any changes.  Was suppose to start to sleep a little better and have a little more energy.  So then I went to 3 drops in water once a day.  Was on that for about 2 weeks and still no change.  Went to 6 drops (she told me that it is VERY odd for people not to notice ANYTHING off the 3 drops, but it does happen)  I was on 6 drops for prob a week and was getting frustrated, she upped me to 9 and had me resend in some hair.

She called me after rerunning the new hair and said that a lot of the problems I had were way down or gone!  I thought this was funny being I really didn’t feel any different….guess I am just not that “in tune” with my body  🙂  She said that with the scan it makes the really important stuff in the “red”, it may not be the things that will make you instantly feel better but it is a step in the right direction to doing so.  ok cool, so she put me back on 6 drops and that is were I was to stay.  I should have also said that, once things are “better” i go off the drops, if something happens i go back on, it is not like meds were you have to stay on them forever. 

I have been on the drops for about a month now, i guess every month she reruns the hair, so I sent her more hair and will be talking to her today to find out what is going on…

in the last 30 days…..I have started sleeping a little better, i don’t want to say I have more energy BUT I am not nearly as tired as I used to be and my digestion is better.  I have also worked my way off of all the meds I was on, so that the drops can take more action and not be blocked by the other things I was on, so now I am completely off the birth control (hubby took care of that) and have one week left of weaning off my anti depressants.  She also told me that now that we got some other stuff “fixed” that we can move to the weight issue….lets see what she says today!  Will try and be better and keeping you posted  🙂


If you are interested in trying the drops, email me and I can get you her info.  So far yes I would say it is worth the try.


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