I am so not a blogger, as you can tell, and noticed you were way behind on my “travels”.  I did go into the specialist and he came up with a totally different idea.  You know when you go to the doctor and you have other symptoms but the doc kinda brushes those off and only asks about the things he wants, kinda like this is what he wants you to have wrong with you….well that is what happen.  I was trying to tell him about other things that I would think he would need to know but just brushed them off.

He ended up telling me I have PCOS – Poly cystic Ovary Syndrome.  He prescribed me about 4 differ meds (a thyroid one also, just in case he was wrong)  I came home and looked up the symptoms between PCOS and Thyroid, gee they are so close…only major notice I saw was that PCOS you cant get pregnant (or have a hard time)  And yes even though I could not get pregnant on my own with my first, I did with my second.  I also am not going to have any more babies so was not worried about that part.  Lets just say I was not convinced.


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