My mom told me about this lady that you send in some of your hair to and she scans it in a machine and can tell you, well everything about your self.  So hey why not, was not convinced the doc could help so, I decided not to pick up the meds yet and see what she can tell me.

I sent in about 10 hairs (the ones that fell out when I combed) and a info sheet that just had my name, age, address, blah blah blah, normal info stuff.  But NOTHING to do with medical. That I found odd, but hey ok.  It took about 2 weeks for the first run, then she emailed me to chat about the results.

That was kinda a creepy phone call…lol, she told me about myself.  What was hurting, and told me why, what my body was and was not doing and even things I didn’t know.  So decided that if she can get all that from my hair and I never even saw her in person, she might be worth a try.

I decided to order the drops. She told me that the drops are way different then meds, it helps your body heal itself instead of just “covering” up the symptoms with drugs.  I would rather get rid of the problem then have to take pills the rest of my life.  And they are natural. there is more benefits to the drops over meds but this was enough for me to try it!


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