I just got off the phone and found out that my body is ready to deal with the thyroid problem!  Yay!! This is AWESOME news!!  Every time I talk to her I learn something new about this scan.  When stuff shows in the red, that is what my body is saying is the most important thing to fix before moving on to the next.  So now that the first things are fixed, it is ready and willing to move on to the thyroid and all the problems I have because of it including weight!!  She said that I should take the drops for about 2 weeks before starting to work out, so that the drops can start its job before I start and get frustrated (again) that nothing is happening.  She said with all the things that came up in the scan that I would not have been able to lose any weight, but I will be able to soon!! YAY SO EXCITED!!

I also have to get a Zero Water picture system, she said that my body is NOT liking my water….to much crap in it it guess….will have to find one


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