Sorry for the long wait.  Here is what happen the last few months (WOW cant believe it has been months!)  I went to the wedding (it was FABULOUS!!!)  Looking at the pictures, I am not happy with how I look.  But not anything I can do about the past.  After pouting about it for a while, then the holidays hit and with 4 thanksgivings and 8 Christmases I didn’t see the point in trying to loose weight over all that (or at least trying to get back on the wagon during that time)  Then come January I went in and had my gallbladder removed, during recovery of that my brother in law (we will call him B) asked if I would want to be his workout buddy after I am better….HELL YES!  I let him pick what he wanted to workout to and he picked P90X.  When that came in we went and got weights and other things needed for it.  He came to the conclusion that we wanted Saturdays as our off day (being that is the day that is most unpredictable for both of us to get together)  It was last Wednesday Feb 13th that we “started”.  2 “chubby” people trying to workout to something way over our range, was quit funny.  The first 3 days was a get used to it time.  Sunday we restarted and have been doing it every night.  It is SOOOOOOO much nicer having someone to do it with (especially when he comes to my house!)


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