Well I have been sweating my butt off and eating as healthy as possible….everything has come down to this.  I am leaving on a jet plane early Thursday morning, would not be able to change a lot more even if I really wanted to. (well not that I know of)  As of today, I have only lost 1 lb and no inches  😦  And I know that going to a All-Inclusive hotel I will be eating and drinking more than I really need to.  So I know that my weight and measurements will be higher when I get home.  But I am not going to stop, just because I hit my deadline.  I would still love to lose the weight.  So I will be back at in when I get home, but sadly a few days after is Thanksgiving….I think I will be fighting a loosing battle for the next month!  Maybe I should just not even worry about it at all until after New Years??  Well this way I can try to work off some of the food I will be eating  🙂
Be back in about a week!


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