I have been doing Insanity for almost a week.  The first day the workout was just how they said it would be, a lot of moving and working out fast and then a quick break and then over again.  After the first workout was over I was one big sweat ball!  I have never worked up that much of a sweat before in any other workouts.  But to my surprise I was not sore or even really all that tired.  Yes I did the whole workout but missed a few moves here and there being it was the first time I watched it, so had to learn the moves.  The next morning, we was a little different.

Morning of day 2, I could barley walk!  everything from my hips down hurt by just looking at them.  At first I thought “oh man this sucks!”  but then I began to think that this is what I wanted, in a way, if I am sore after this workout and I have never been with any other workout, then I must have done something right.  Day 2 workout was lets just say difficult, looking back I think I could have pushed a little more but at the time all you can think about is the soreness.

Day 3 went a little different, well a lot different.  I was a little sore, NOTHING like day 2, but just did a little longer stretching and once I was done with the warm up I was much better and good to go!  The rest of the week I have not been sore and the workouts have been going good.  I definitely work up a sweat with each workout and I am beginning to really like the workout fast, quick break, repeat thing…you push yourself a little more to try and get more in then you would with a “normal” workout.

I have found a few thing out about myself in doing these workouts…I found out I cant jump, or maybe jumping is a skill I will learn in this too.  And I have bad wrists.  Well that I always knew but with the few things in this that you go down on your hands, it REALLY kills my wrists.  So I do as much of those as I can to build them up.

All week I have also been eating as “clean” as possible.  I have 2 weeks til I go to Mexico and have to try everything until that day.  First weigh and measure after starting Insanity is in 2 days!


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  1. That’s awesome! You wanted results, and you are getting them! Good for you to get up and go after what you want!!

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