My wait has come to an end….Insanity is here!  I was SUPER excited when it was on my door step and as I opened it I got a little scared.  Like anything, new is scary.  I have been doing great with my eating, but I am going to wait to remeasure and weigh myself until Monday when I start.  Oh and take new pictures too.  Want to see the difference!  Even tho Turbo fire is super fun to do and will prob do the trick for me, I am not one to wait, if I can get skinnier now, I want it NOW!  LOL  I know that it will take A LOT of work, sweat, soreness, and tiredness but it WILL be worth it in the end!

I have opened a group on Facebook for ANYONE doing ANY workout, not just Beach body ones.  To come and have the support and ideas and “hand holding” that we all need from time to time when trying to accomplish our weight loss goals.  If interested in joining, look me up and friend me on FB, let me know you want to join and I will get you in!!  (search for Trisha Stilson, Cambridge MN)


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