I am doing it!  My first weigh in, I lost 1 lb and 3 inches.  Wishing it was more….well always wish it was more but it is a start.  Better than it was a week a go.  I lost 1 in off waist, 1 in hips and .5 in each thigh.  At least it is in all the spots that I want to lose it  🙂  Still waiting for my Insanity to get here, I am thinking that will really help move the numbers along.

I also found out that I have Bronchitis, not letting this stop me from working out at all!!  I have noticed that the last few times working out that I am sweating more than I did, must be that I am going deeper in the moves or faster or something good.  Let the sweat run! LOL

I am also starting school today, online classes.  So now I get to finally have something going on for my day to have a “schedule”  Get up workout, take care of kids, do school, kids, school, oh and eat in there, and try to workout again!  OK so TRY and make it a schedule, kids sure know how to mix things us!


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  1. Tiffany says:

    What are you going to school for? 🙂

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