Still going strong!  A couple of times this is about the point where I miss a day here or there, but not going to happen this time!  Day 3 I did my workout in the afternoon instead of the morning and noticed I just didn’t like that, I like the way I feel when I get up in the AM and do it when the kids are eating (then I get the living room to myself).  I did do my first OOPS on the night of day 3….Do you have ANY idea how HARD it is to sit at the table eating a bowl of oranges and avocados while everyone else is eating spaghetti and garlic toast??  Oh wow, it smelled sooooo good!  I got all the way up til after I put the kids to bed and I went to get my “last snack”.  Opened the fridge and the noodles were staring at me….See me and noodles have a love/hate relationship.  I LOVE them to much to hate them, lol.  So what were a few cold noodles going to hurt, ok so I prob had like MAYBE 15 noodles, enough to get my taste.  I went to bed awhile later and had SUCH a bellyache from it!!  So I guess no more of that for a while.  That’s ok, I don’t NEED it anyway, right?  I did way better today with my eating and my workout, getting used to the “routine” of the video and can do more of it.  I have noticed that I don’t drink all that much or not enough I guess, so I am going to focus on the water intake also.  WOW there is a lot to think about when trying to get healthy isn’t there!


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