Here is a little about me before starting day 1:  I get up with the kids and most of the time I didn’t eat breakfast …. I have heard that is bad but I was never hungry so it was hard to eat when my body didn’t say “feed me”.  So I would eat a late lunch, normally something small and then dinner with my husband and 2 boys.  I have 1 pop a day (that IS it) I am aiming on loosing about 50-60 lbs.

Well like anything, change is hard.  Going from eating anything and everything when every I was hungry to eating healthy food 5-6 times a day!  Surprisingly that don’t bother me much, the only thing that is hard is when my whole family and I sit down to dinner and they have yummy looking and of course better smelling food then I do.  But I WILL continue to stay strong and do this!

I have also been doing my workouts everyday, I am currently doing Turbo Fire as I am waiting on my Insanity to get here.  Had to get started being I have LESS then a month to my dead line!!  I KNOW I will not hit my GOAL weight by then but I will take anything right now.  But I am aiming to hit my goal by New Years.  That will be REALLY hard with 4 Thanksgivings and like 6 Christmases in there!  Even if I don’t hit it I am going to keep working at it and NOT fall off the wagon this time, I am in it to win it!!


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