Hey everyone, I have been doing bbl for a couple of months now and i am listening to my body and it is telling me that i need to switch it up a bit and get some more muscle confusion. I have seen great results with bbl, but now i am looking to step it up!! I am going back and forth between p90x and insanity. I have added some videos that kind of get you the feel for each program. Insanity is a few weeks shorter, but much more intense. I am looking to lose about 40 lbs and tone it all up at the same time. You know how sometimes you think you KNOW the answer but need some outside opinions to help you feel more confident? Yeah, that’s where I stand right now. Are you willing to help me out with this? My main goal is to be able to ask for NEW, SMALLER clothes for christmas 😉wink please help me out by posting your opinion in the comments section below!


3 responses »

  1. Insanity all the way!!!

  2. Jennifer long says:

    Insanity all the way!!! Use your body to transform instead of weights!!

  3. Jolene Rod says:

    Deffinatly Insanity! With P90X its more for people that are already at their gail weight and want to build muscle. Since you want to loos weight and tone Insanity is what you need!

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