Here we go….

Today is the start of the next BIG try.  B and I started the Les Mills Combat workout and WOW did it poop me out!  It has been a while since I worked out or moving that much/that fast but WOW.  If this work out is not going to shed any pounds, man I don’t know what will!  I do like how I feel after words tho….tired out means I did the best I could to get the best workout that I could… I tired! And will continue to try, this work out is 9 weeks long, lets hope and pray and wish and whatever else there is to make this weight GO AWAY!


is 3rd time a charm?

Now that I have  been on the thyroid drops for a couple weeks I am wondering if things are “fixed”  enough for me to lose weight.  I am not going to lie I am scared. Scared about doing all this and being let down AGAIN, scared that I will be stuck with this weight forever or unless I want to “go under the knife” and then have other things to worry about.

So now I have decided that I am going to give the 3rd huge time a try I lightly stepped on the scale to see what the “starting” number is….well 10 more lbs to work off now, super. As if that made my day awesome, not!  Well if you look at it another way, if I am gaining, does that mean I can now lose? Guess that is the Million dollar question.  I looked up my old info online and I am now 5 lbs over my biggest weigh in while being pregnant! OH FUDGE KNUCKLE!!  NOT cool!  This better work this time or maybe it is back to the specialist and re-get all 5 of those pills, and see if that will work.  Please work.


Into the next batch

I have been taking 2 different drops, one for my thyroid and one for well, to take care of what my anti-depressant was doing.  About 2 weeks into the drops I was getting SUPER tired again, after messing around with the amount of drops, we decided to take a few days off.  Not sure why but my body liked that. Like it needs a “into” to what is to come.  So went back on them and now I am not tired like before, I don’t have a TON of energy but I feel like I can make it thru the day just fine and not be going to bed at 8.  The one for my anti depressant is not doing very well, well I don’t think so yet….but hey that is fine, I want to lose the weight, then maybe that will clear it self up.  Now that I am feeling like I have better energy I am going to try working out again.  I finally weighed my self after like a month of not. (if I cant do anything about the weight why know what it is)  and I am now at my heaviest.  I believe this is the TOP weight I was at when I was pregnant with my kids.  So now I feel like a SUPER CHUNK! Called up my workout buddy and think he is ready to start with me again.  I am SO hoping that this time, it will work.

30 days down

I just got off the phone and found out that my body is ready to deal with the thyroid problem!  Yay!! This is AWESOME news!!  Every time I talk to her I learn something new about this scan.  When stuff shows in the red, that is what my body is saying is the most important thing to fix before moving on to the next.  So now that the first things are fixed, it is ready and willing to move on to the thyroid and all the problems I have because of it including weight!!  She said that I should take the drops for about 2 weeks before starting to work out, so that the drops can start its job before I start and get frustrated (again) that nothing is happening.  She said with all the things that came up in the scan that I would not have been able to lose any weight, but I will be able to soon!! YAY SO EXCITED!!

I also have to get a Zero Water picture system, she said that my body is NOT liking my water….to much crap in it it guess….will have to find one

Starting the drops

Starting off with the drops was well a bit weird, first like 2 weeks I was suppose to put 3 drops on my wrist every morning…it was to help introduce it to my body…well I was not noticing any changes.  Was suppose to start to sleep a little better and have a little more energy.  So then I went to 3 drops in water once a day.  Was on that for about 2 weeks and still no change.  Went to 6 drops (she told me that it is VERY odd for people not to notice ANYTHING off the 3 drops, but it does happen)  I was on 6 drops for prob a week and was getting frustrated, she upped me to 9 and had me resend in some hair.

She called me after rerunning the new hair and said that a lot of the problems I had were way down or gone!  I thought this was funny being I really didn’t feel any different….guess I am just not that “in tune” with my body  🙂  She said that with the scan it makes the really important stuff in the “red”, it may not be the things that will make you instantly feel better but it is a step in the right direction to doing so.  ok cool, so she put me back on 6 drops and that is were I was to stay.  I should have also said that, once things are “better” i go off the drops, if something happens i go back on, it is not like meds were you have to stay on them forever. 

I have been on the drops for about a month now, i guess every month she reruns the hair, so I sent her more hair and will be talking to her today to find out what is going on…

in the last 30 days…..I have started sleeping a little better, i don’t want to say I have more energy BUT I am not nearly as tired as I used to be and my digestion is better.  I have also worked my way off of all the meds I was on, so that the drops can take more action and not be blocked by the other things I was on, so now I am completely off the birth control (hubby took care of that) and have one week left of weaning off my anti depressants.  She also told me that now that we got some other stuff “fixed” that we can move to the weight issue….lets see what she says today!  Will try and be better and keeping you posted  🙂


If you are interested in trying the drops, email me and I can get you her info.  So far yes I would say it is worth the try.

Getting you caught up – Drops

My mom told me about this lady that you send in some of your hair to and she scans it in a machine and can tell you, well everything about your self.  So hey why not, was not convinced the doc could help so, I decided not to pick up the meds yet and see what she can tell me.

I sent in about 10 hairs (the ones that fell out when I combed) and a info sheet that just had my name, age, address, blah blah blah, normal info stuff.  But NOTHING to do with medical. That I found odd, but hey ok.  It took about 2 weeks for the first run, then she emailed me to chat about the results.

That was kinda a creepy phone call…lol, she told me about myself.  What was hurting, and told me why, what my body was and was not doing and even things I didn’t know.  So decided that if she can get all that from my hair and I never even saw her in person, she might be worth a try.

I decided to order the drops. She told me that the drops are way different then meds, it helps your body heal itself instead of just “covering” up the symptoms with drugs.  I would rather get rid of the problem then have to take pills the rest of my life.  And they are natural. there is more benefits to the drops over meds but this was enough for me to try it!

Getting you caught up – specialist appt

I am so not a blogger, as you can tell, and noticed you were way behind on my “travels”.  I did go into the specialist and he came up with a totally different idea.  You know when you go to the doctor and you have other symptoms but the doc kinda brushes those off and only asks about the things he wants, kinda like this is what he wants you to have wrong with you….well that is what happen.  I was trying to tell him about other things that I would think he would need to know but just brushed them off.

He ended up telling me I have PCOS – Poly cystic Ovary Syndrome.  He prescribed me about 4 differ meds (a thyroid one also, just in case he was wrong)  I came home and looked up the symptoms between PCOS and Thyroid, gee they are so close…only major notice I saw was that PCOS you cant get pregnant (or have a hard time)  And yes even though I could not get pregnant on my own with my first, I did with my second.  I also am not going to have any more babies so was not worried about that part.  Lets just say I was not convinced.


I know that I have been bad and not getting on here, I have been working out 6 days every week for the last 8 weeks.  It has been SO nice having a buddy to do it with me and make me do the work out when I don’t really want to, and would not have done it if he would not have shown up.  I have been eating good also, but I still have not lost one pound or one inch.  I know things take time, but really?  I talked to my doctor and she checked my thyroid and glucose levels, they were both fine.  Tomorrow I go in and see a specialist to see if they can tell me why.  I really didn’t think it was going to be THIS hard! 

I am back

Sorry for the long wait.  Here is what happen the last few months (WOW cant believe it has been months!)  I went to the wedding (it was FABULOUS!!!)  Looking at the pictures, I am not happy with how I look.  But not anything I can do about the past.  After pouting about it for a while, then the holidays hit and with 4 thanksgivings and 8 Christmases I didn’t see the point in trying to loose weight over all that (or at least trying to get back on the wagon during that time)  Then come January I went in and had my gallbladder removed, during recovery of that my brother in law (we will call him B) asked if I would want to be his workout buddy after I am better….HELL YES!  I let him pick what he wanted to workout to and he picked P90X.  When that came in we went and got weights and other things needed for it.  He came to the conclusion that we wanted Saturdays as our off day (being that is the day that is most unpredictable for both of us to get together)  It was last Wednesday Feb 13th that we “started”.  2 “chubby” people trying to workout to something way over our range, was quit funny.  The first 3 days was a get used to it time.  Sunday we restarted and have been doing it every night.  It is SOOOOOOO much nicer having someone to do it with (especially when he comes to my house!)

Times up

Well I have been sweating my butt off and eating as healthy as possible….everything has come down to this.  I am leaving on a jet plane early Thursday morning, would not be able to change a lot more even if I really wanted to. (well not that I know of)  As of today, I have only lost 1 lb and no inches  😦  And I know that going to a All-Inclusive hotel I will be eating and drinking more than I really need to.  So I know that my weight and measurements will be higher when I get home.  But I am not going to stop, just because I hit my deadline.  I would still love to lose the weight.  So I will be back at in when I get home, but sadly a few days after is Thanksgiving….I think I will be fighting a loosing battle for the next month!  Maybe I should just not even worry about it at all until after New Years??  Well this way I can try to work off some of the food I will be eating  🙂
Be back in about a week!